Discover a new realm of architectural metals, where we transform natural materials into unique and engineered forms with spectacular patinas.

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Why Dissimilar

Dissimilar Metal Design | DMD was founded in 1989 in Seattle and has steadily expanded, moving across the bay to Bremerton, and shipping astounding architectural metal around the world. At the core of our business is a dedication to developing metal surface patinas that endure. These surfaces protect the metal’s integrity, preventing further deterioration, while delivering unprecedented aesthetic.

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Surface Patinas

Bring artisan patina processes into your projects for exquisite surfaces. This transformation of metal surfaces not only adds captivating visual allure but also bolsters durability and resistance to the elements. Marry artistry with science with controlled patina processes that elevate the aesthetics and longevity of architectural metals.

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Complex Forms

Architectural metal forming processes are part of the foundation for Dissimilar Metal Design. We’ve developed powerful tools to achieve curved facades, sculptural elements, canopies, roofing, facades with a range of processes.

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Perforated Surfaces

Whether the design calls for embossed, laser-cut, perforated, water jet, punched, or gouged, our facilities are here to create your patterns and visions cut away from sheet surfaces.

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Upcoming Projects

New upcoming projects featuring metal systems design-engineered and fabricated by Dissimilar

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