The metal patina gallery pictured above provides an idea of some of the variety of metal patinas that we have created at Dissimilar on a wide range of metal substrates. Beyond their visual allure, custom patinas contribute to the durability and longevity of metal surfaces. The patina layer acts as a protective barrier, shielding the metal from corrosion, environmental pollutants, and weathering. Unlike traditional paint or coatings, the patina matures gracefully over time, evolving in response to its surroundings.

Custom Metal Patinas

Dissimilar patina engineers will work with your project to develop a patinated surface that complements your desired aesthetics. Custom patinas are not just about color; they’re about narrative. The process is akin to painting, with patina artists using a palette of chemicals, heat, and technique to create intricate designs, gradients, and textures on metal surfaces. These artistic interventions add layers of depth and complexity, turning flat metal sheets into three-dimensional stories.

The Patina Emerges

Specifying metal with patina can be elusive — the material interacts with the climate in mercurial ways. But it also has its immense benefits as a protective shield and an aesthetic wonderland.

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