Weathered Fasteners

Custom stainless steel fasteners with blackened and weathered steel aesthetics are now available for procurement.

Weathered Fasteners

Architectural hardware, where the aesthetics of natural metals meet the resilience of stainless steel

In addition to crafting natural metal architectural forms, Dissimilar Metal Design now offers preweathered hardware made from stainless steel.

Wait, this is stainless hardware?

Yes. These rustic fasteners use a preweathered patina on stainless steel, a technique developed by Dissimilar’s product team.

When you design a project with natural materials, you want to specify the highest quality hardware.  Dissimilar has crafted several patinas for stainless steel fasteners, so that you can have extremely durable hardware that complements your project’s aesthetic.

In construction, details matter. From the largest structural elements to the smallest fasteners, every component contributes. And our eyes are drawn to looking at the hardware poking out of the building, so let’s make them look good!

Preweathered fasteners from Dissimilar offer a unique solution for projects seeking an aged, rustic look. These fasteners come fully weathered, providing an immediate vintage appeal that complements patina facades, interior wall panels, and landscape elements.

Production line for stainless screws with weathering steel aesthetic.

Stainless Steel hardware with a Twist

Looking for an exposed fastener option that will last indefinitely, and weathered to an aged finish?  There is now a solution for this.

Enter our preweathered stainless steel fasteners. Choose from rustic brown or blackened stainless steel fasteners to complement patina facades, interior wall panels, and landscape elements.

Why Stainless? Why not Weathering Steel?

Yes, at Dissimilar we are huge fans of weathering steel. We’re known for our patinated weathering steel that doesn’t bleed onto adjacent surfaces.

However, with fasteners you’re often exposing the hardware to multiple materials. A fastener might touch two-to-five different materials as it penetrates an envelope system. Along the way, it will encounter moisture and other contaminants. This mix of materials and contaminants creates the perfect storm for possible corrosion of the fastener.

That’s where stainless steel comes in.

Stainless steel is the ideal hardware material for most situations. What makes stainless steel such an effective fastener is that almost no other common construction material will corrode it.

And now, with our weathered fastener options, you can have the best of both worlds. We’re combining the aesthetics of natural materials with the permanence of stainless steel.

Weathering Steel meets Stainless Steel

Our weathered stainless steel fasteners embody a timeless, rustic appeal that is perfect for projects aiming for an aged, vintage look. The brown weathered finish is carefully developed to mimic the natural patina that occurs over time, offering an immediate, authentic aged appearance. These fasteners are particularly well-suited for use with reclaimed wood, stone, and other natural materials, seamlessly blending into designs that emphasize history and character. Their robust stainless steel core ensures strength and longevity, even in challenging environments.

Blackened Steel meets Stainless Steel

Our blackened stainless steel fasteners offer a sleek, modern look with a touch of sophistication. The deep, rich black finish is achieved through a meticulous process that enhances the natural durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel. These fasteners are ideal for projects where a bold, contemporary aesthetic is desired. They complement a variety of materials, including dark woods, metals, and industrial design elements, making them perfect for both interior and exterior applications.

Perfect for a Reclaimed Aesthetic

Reclaimed materials are becoming increasingly popular in design and architecture, valued for their unique history, character, and sustainability. However, achieving a truly cohesive reclaimed aesthetic requires attention to detail, especially when it comes to fasteners. Our preweathered stainless steel fasteners are the perfect solution for this design challenge.

Reclaimed wood, brick, and metal often feature natural wear and patina that tell a story of their past. Traditional new fasteners can clash with these materials, standing out in stark contrast and detracting from the overall look. In contrast, our preweathered fasteners are designed to blend seamlessly with reclaimed materials from the start. Their aged finish complements the natural imperfections and character of reclaimed wood and metal, enhancing the authentic, lived-in appearance of your project.

Tested to meet Strenuous Requirements

Dissimilar works with 3rd party testing labs to evaluate the strength of traditional and pre-weathered fasteners. This rigorous evaluation process ensures that your hardware won’t fail. By leveraging the expertise of these independent labs, Dissimilar can provide an additional layer of assurance that this new type of fastener will perform reliably under various conditions, meeting the highest standards of quality and durability.


  • Stainless steel durability
  • Weathered to compliment patina
  • Natural metal aesthetics

Natural Metal Hardware, Ready to Order or Made to Order

For those who appreciate the raw beauty and versatility of unaltered metal, our natural metal hardware offers an exceptional choice. While our common fasteners are ready to ship in quantities of 1000 we offer made-to-order options as well.

Weathering Steel Hardware, Made to Order

Our made-to-order service allows you to customize your hardware to meet exact specifications, ensuring the perfect fit for your project. Whether used in modern architectural designs, industrial lofts, or classic restorations, our natural metal hardware delivers both functionality and aesthetic appeal, embodying the timeless elegance and durability of high-quality metal.


  • Metal, wood, concrete anchors
  • Flat, pan, hex heads
  • More types available on request


  • Common fasteners ready-to-ship
  • Small and large orders available
  • Rapid FedEx shipment to site

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Will these fasteners degrade over time?

No, our weathered fasteners are made from stainless steel with rigorous quality checks. While they look like they are made from mild steel, they are in fact stainless steel.

How do I choose the right Weathered Fastener for my project?

The project’s erection contractor will often have means and methods for attachments, but if you need assistance, consult with our team at Dissimilar to develop your fastener solutions.

Can I use any hardware, or send you my own hardware for weathering?

Depending on the alloy and temper, we can run custom batches for weathering your custom hardware. Reach out to our team.

How do you create your weathering steel hardware?

We use stainless steel hardware with a special patina that we have developed for its durability and aesthetics. The patina is made through a chemical process to look like weathering steel or blackened steel.

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