Ledger City Center

With over 50,000 SF of flat-seam patinated copper, Ledger City Center’s facade is one of the largest copper projects in the United States, completed by Dissimilar.

Ledger City Center
Marlon Blackwell Architects with
Rojkind Arquitectos + Callaghan Horiuchi
Bentonville, Arkansas
DMD Copper

The Ledger is a new 230,000 SF mixed-use office building in the heart of Downtown Bentonville expanding connectivity between the workplace and the urban context. Designed to be community-centric the building focuses on providing public access and amenities. Blurring the lines of where the building begins and the sidewalk ends, pedestrian ramps extend up into the air, a continuous zig-zag of movement up the eastside of the building along Main Street, inviting the public up onto a series of stepping terraces, scaling the building to the surrounding context, inviting moments of refuge and prospect. Tracing the lines of the ramp, copper cladding provides a warm tactility akin to the warm tones of the brick buildings around the historic Square. Offering a new kind of workplace experience in Downtown Bentonville the Ledger goes beyond the typical office building, offering diverse amenities and connecting to the growing community of Northwest Arkansas.

Photos courtesy of Marlon Blackwell Architects, Karen Segrave. Read more about Ledger at Marlon Blackwell