RailSpur Seattle

A historic building in Seattle’s Pioneer Square gets a pre-weathered DMD Weathering Steel treatment.

DMD Weathering Steel
LEED Platinum

Named for the railways that once ran through the area, RailSpur encompasses three historic warehouse buildings in Pioneer Square, Seattle’s first neighborhood which overlooks the port of Seattle. The project features custom patina steel panels fabricated by Dissimilar Metal Design throughout the exterior and interior of the project.

419 Occidental is one of three early 20th-century buildings that were updated as part of the Railspur redevelopment project that includes an alley activation and new retail district in the historic Seattle neighborhood.

Focused on preservation and sustainability as much as community and innovation, this transformative micro-district includes office, retail, restaurant, residential, and hospitality experiences. The evolving patina lends to the narrative of preservation in sync with revitalization.

The offices at 419 Occidental and the residential/retail building were finished in late 2021. A boutique hotel with a rooftop bar and restaurant opened in 2023. The project is designated LEED Platinum.

Images courtesy of Lara Swimmer