Syracuse International Airport

With a facade composed of a unitized perforated DMD weathering steel, this airport’s redesign from Gensler boldly brands the Syracuse branch of the NY Airport System.

Syracuse International Airport
Syracuse, NY
DMD Weathering Steel

The Syracuse Hancock International Airport underwent a $50 million dollar redesign, adding an additional 14,500 feet to the existing airport. Designed by Gensler, the project features a reimagined interior designed to give travelers a more modern and functional space with it’s first complete ​update in 55 years. The airport upgrade will feature an ​perforated and backlit exterior facade designed to prominently welcome​ the 1 million passengers which travel through the facilities yearly.

​​The facade is composed of a unitized perforated Weathered Steel panel system fabricated to boldly brand the Syracuse branch of the NY Airport System. The design ​​will allow sunlight into the terminal facility, and provide​ an​ illuminated backdrop for the world class facility at night.

According to NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo, the airport redesign is posed to revitalize the area as t​he main entrance to travelers ​and communicate ​that they’ve arrived to a growing and vibrant region​. ​

Construction began in September of 2017 and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2018.