Copper Chronicles: Lamplighter School

Copper Chronicles: Celebrating Academic Heritage with a Copper Facade by Dissimilar

Experience the intersection of tradition and innovation at Lamplighter school, where architectural legacy meets modern design. Marlon Blackwell Architects entrusted Dissimilar Metal Design to fabricate bespoke raw copper facades for the Lamplighter school campus. Through meticulous engineering, Dissimilar transformed architectural concepts into striking origami-like structures. Explore the fusion of heritage and cutting-edge fabrication techniques that define these architectural landmarks, with the timeless aesthetic found in copper.

“We took risks here. We couldn’t just put out a beautiful minimalist box. ”

— Marlon Blackwell, on Lamplighter School

The fabrication process began with a comprehensive analysis of each building’s architectural requirements and structural considerations. Advanced CAD modeling techniques were employed to precisely engineer the dimensions and placement of the raw copper panels.

Each raw copper panel underwent meticulous machining processes to achieve the desired dimensions and surface finish. Special attention was paid to edge treatments and joint detailing to facilitate seamless integration and weatherproofing.

As the material oxidizes over time, transitioning from a bright golden hue to darker tones before settling into a distinguished green patina, it provides a unique educational opportunity for students to witness the natural evolution of materials.