Construction Update: Destination Crenshaw

Dissimilar is providing design and fabrication expertise, engineering and delivery of the weathering steel architectural elements for Destination Crenshaw in LA.

Update: Destination Crenshaw

Our team at Dissimilar is bringing design and fabrication expertise, engineering and delivery for 20,000 sqft and 3,400 custom patinated weathering steel architectural elements across 1.3 miles in Central LA.

We visited the jobsite in in early October 2023 to see the progress and had a photographer catch some images of our custom-formed, custom perforated material in action. Pictured below are photographs from Sankofa Park, the crown jewel of Destination Crenshaw.

“It’s incredibly exciting… to be finishing Sankofa Park this year allows us to say not only did our aspirations come to life, but we have something here that will be here moving forward.”

— Destination Crenshaw President and COO Jason W. Foster via LA Times

Destination Crenshaw is an ambitious initiative that aims to transform the 1.3-mile stretch of Crenshaw Boulevard, between 48th Street and 60th Street, into an outdoor museum and cultural experience. It aspires to capture the essence of Black Los Angeles by highlighting the contributions of African-Americans to the city’s culture and history. This project is not just about creating art installations but also about preserving and celebrating the stories that have often been overlooked.

The project was conceived in response to the planned construction of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project, a new light rail line connecting the Crenshaw neighborhood to the Los Angeles International Airport. The project aims to empower the local community and preserve the cultural heritage of Crenshaw.

To realize this vision, a team of architects, designers, artists, and community members came together to create a plan that would reflect the neighborhood’s unique identity. Led by Perkins+Will and with landscape designers Studio MLA, the project includes a series of innovative art installations, cultural landmarks, and gathering spaces that pay homage to the African-American experience in Los Angeles.

The construction of Destination Crenshaw has been a massive undertaking. The Crenshaw Boulevard transformation includes landscaping, public seating, and the installation of dozens of artistic pieces. These installations range from murals and sculptures to multimedia art and audio-visual experiences. Each piece is designed to tell a story, foster a sense of pride, and promote a deep appreciation for the neighborhood’s history and culture.