Palindrome Residence

Palindrome is a residential project in the vibrant desert of Las Vegas; its design matches brutalism with slow curves, wrapped in DMD Weathering Steel.

PUNCH architecture
Las Vegas, NV
DMD Weathering Steel

Designed by Punch Architecture, this residence uses indoor/outdoor space and internal courtyards to create moments of reflection, contemplation, and serenity. The home effectively utilizes elements of shading, screening, natural daylighting, and passive heating/cooling with air flow throughout the space.

The residence features custom-engineered weathering steel systems by Dissimilar Metal Design, with pre-weathered patina. Dissimilar developed a number of custom details to match the designer’s intent, including a curving eave mount. The rolled rib and panel stiffeners ensure a smooth uniform curving substructure, clad with pre-weathered weathering steel.

In addition, the project contains soffit, facade, vertical slat passive security fencing and other scopes, all made with DMD weathering steel.

Renderings courtesy of Punch Architects